Business Tax & Consulting

We work with business owners to minimize their tax liability and improve their overall profitability.

We have extensive experience preparing tax returns for proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, fiduciaries, and trusts. In addition, we can help you prepare payroll and sales tax returns.

As the manager of a small business, you should never stop investigating new ideas to improve all areas of your business. This is where we can help. We work with businesses in a wide array of industries and although no two businesses are the same, there are underlying universal truths to any business.

Perhaps the most important decision any business owner may face is the selection of the proper entity type. Should your business be a proprietorship, partnership, regular C corporation, subchapter S corporation, or another form? The impact can be substantial. We have the expertise to help you make the right choice.

How can I improve the profitability of my company?

It is a question every business owner asks on a daily basis. We can provide the answer to this question through strategic planning. By analyzing the company’s profit improvement potential and then working closely with you, we can develop a road map to greater profits and a better quality of life.

In addition, we work with business owners to develop solutions to many other concerns such as a complete analysis of your company’s retirement plan, developing a business succession plan and working with you to obtain financing.

As the business landscape becomes more competitive, you need a trusted advisor to help you stay on top. The professionals at Erpelding, Voigt & Co., L.L.P. can be that trusted advisor.

At Erpelding, Voigt & Co., L.L.P. we are committed to cooperation and assistance with our communities. We are proud of the active involvement of our firm members with the numerous organizations in the north central Iowa and southern Minnesota area.