ElderCare Services

Erpelding, Voigt & Co., L.L.P. provides ElderCare services for clients for a variety of possible reasons:

  • The client is incapable
  • The client no longer has the desire
  • There are no immediate family members to assist
  • There are no family members in the immediate geographical area to assist
  • Family members are incapable of assisting
  • The client does not desire family member to assist


We provide ElderCare services for clients to help them meet their various needs. Following are the services that we can offer.

Financial Services

  • Receive, deposit, and account for client receipts (income)
  • Make appropriate disbursements (checks).
  • Submit medical and other claims to insurance companies.
  • Protect elderly from predators by controlling the checkbook and other assets.
  • Conduct income tax planning and preparation.
  • Monitor preparation of gift tax returns.
  • Prepare employment tax returns for caregivers and household help.
  • Record keeping for financial transactions.
  • Conduct investment and trust activity.
  • Serve as power of attorney holder, trustee and/or executor.


  • Plan for housing and support services needs.
  • Plan for declining competency.
  • Plan for death or disability of one or both spouses.
  • Evaluate housing and care alternatives
  • Provide inventory of services available in the community.
  • Provide estate planning.

Nonfinancial Services

  • Help arrange for transportation, housekeeping, and other services.
  • Manage real estate and other property.

Planning for fiduciary needs. We evaluate the need for –

  • Financial power of attorney.
  • Health care power of attorney.
  • Guardianship.
  • Trusteeship.
  • Living wills.
  • Advanced medical directives.

Evaluation of financing options

  • Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Long-term care insurance.
  • Medigap insurance.

Our services are designed to provide both assessment and planning assistance to assure a more secure life for elderly persons. We can serve as “family members” when members of the family or other responsible parties cannot be present to supervise care for their loved ones. Also we provide assistance, consultation, advocacy, and educational services for individuals, families, organizations, and businesses.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please have them contact our office for a free initial consultation.

At Erpelding, Voigt & Co., L.L.P. we are committed to cooperation and assistance with our communities. We are proud of the active involvement of our firm members with the numerous organizations in the north central Iowa and southern Minnesota area.